Yaya Toure: I keep changing my number to escape women

Poor Yaya Toure. It appears that there are so many women out there who want to be with the Manchester City midfielder that it is making his life difficult.
The Ivorian has revealed just how tough the life of a footballer can be, with some women going to great lengths to try and bag themselves a footballer.
Toure, who is happily married to his wife Gineba, was quoted by the Sunday People as telling a magazine in his homeland:
‘I hide (from women). In order to escape them you have to change your phone number regularly as they’ve all got good contacts. But you can’t live without a phone as there are things to deal with every day.
Sometimes I wonder what’s going through girls’ heads. It’s embarrassing.
There was one who openly courted me. It was really shocking! She asked for my phone number and I gave her a wrong number in order to get away from her.
I escape from them. I’m married. My wife is enough for me. I like peace and that’s my way of living.’
Yaya’s brother Kolo also has experience of “hiding” but for less wholesome reasons than his brother.
In 2012, the Daily Mirror revealed that Toure had an affair with a student after he tricked her into believing he was a car salesman.