“We won’t rely on GFA for security directives”

Ahead of the kick off of the long awaited 2014/15 First Capita Plus Premier League the Brong Ahafo Deputy Regional Police Commander, ACP Sarpong has disclosed that the police will no longer rely on the directives of the Ghana Football Association before deploying security to the various league centers.

According to ACP Sarpong, the Ghana Football Association indicates the number of police officers they will need at each game but that directive will be defied this season as it always leaves much to be desired.

Speaking exclusively to sportscrusader.com, the Deputy Regional Police Commander said, “In the past, we relied on the GFA for security directives but we shall no longer do that. What we used to do was for the FA to ask us to bring either ten or fifteen policemen for a particular match but we shall be taking our own decisions now. All that we will need from them is for them to tell us there is a match at this venue and they need security and we shall deploy”.

“We shall not let them dictate to us. That will enable us to deploy person to any center taking into consideration the venue, the nature of the match, the opponents involved and previous experiences”, he added.

The 2014/15 First Capital Plus Premier League will kick off on January 18 and the police are expected to ensure security at the various match venues.