Floyd Is The Greatest Fighter Of Our Time

    As he  rightly quoted on Sunday morning after the fight “I am an American dream”. Even at age 16 his antics proved a boxing champion and a legend.

    The money man as he is nicknamed last Sunday silenced his critics after he ruffled Manny Pacquaio on a unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas.

    The best pound for pound Boxer in history completed his legacy that faithful morning as the all time greatest boxer.48 fights including 26 knockouts with not a single defeat is just amazing and a mark of a born winner. Whether the big money man will fight again this September or not doesn’t change his class and in case he hangs up his gloves now, he will forever remain a boxing idol.

    At 38 years I believe time is not on his side as the American’s retirement is almost due. Many have criticised Floyd’s defensive approach last Sunday forgetting he is the best defensive fighter of all time. not being all attacking doesn’t take away his greatness and intelligence but the fact is Mayweather is just a smart fighter and does what he has to do in the ring at the right time and right hour.

    The Michigan born fighter has dominated the boxing ranks up and down; perhaps he is very tactical about which fight he takes. he always wins fights in a boring fashion as being asserted by lots of boxing icons but for sure one thing about this man is that he does what he loves doing best and doesn’t allow others to dictate his style. Floyd is hard to hit and given the modern system of scoring boxing points he lands lots of punches and does not waste time in throwing them.

    Floyd trains at the tutelage of his father Floyd snr who was a good fighter. With his Dad’s assistance Floyd has developed his own style of training. Floyd’s defensive tactics reminds me of the myth that goes that, “the best defence always wins championships “and that’s why Floyd will always be a winner. Aggressiveness and toughness matters in fighting but not nearly as smart and very strategic, which Floyd has in his palms. He might not be the boxer everyone wants to see but he is a master technician and craftsman which is very hard to argue.