“We’ll make efforts to improve the league” – Kwesi Nyantakyi

Mahama“…also the seeming total neglect of our local football league is a matter of concern to football loving fans,” those were the words from His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama in his State of the Nation Address on Thursday on the poor state of the country’s elite league.

However, the president of the Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi has responded to President Mahama’s plea and admitted that the First Capital Plus Premier League needs special attention. Nyantakyi assured the President of Ghana that there will be total transformation of the Ghana Premier league.

“It is a fair comment, let me just admit it is a fair comment from His Excellency President John Mahama and when comment of this nature are made you must take them in their strides and make efforts to improve the situation,” Nyantakyi  told Joy FM.

“Nobody including the president of the federation can say that he is happy with the state of our domestic competition.

“We have done a lot to bring it this far but there is still a much more room for improvement.”

Nyantakyi added: “There are so many reasons why our league is in this state and it will require the support of all major stakeholders including the Ghana Football Association and the Government of Ghana, the clubs, media, the public and the cooperate community as we all have various roles to play.”