‘Do Well’ includes winning the Cup- Nyantakyi

President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi says Avram Grants task of ‘doing well’ with the Black Stars at the 2015 African Cup Nations Cup includes winning the AFCON title.

The Ghana Football Association during the unveiling ceremony of the former Chelsea Manager tasked Grant to DO WELL in the AFCON; a task which pundits thought was unrealistic.

But in an interview with Sportscrusader.com, President of the Ghana Football Association stated that the DO WELL task for Grant includes winning the ultimate in the African Cup of Nations.

“Do Well doesn’t mean that he should just do well, again it will be unrealistic and unfair within the time frame, so we are a bit realistic.

“But it doesn’t mean that if the opportunity presents itself we will not win the trophy at the AFCON”.