Webb and the Fifa scandal’s key accused

The United States Department of Justice has released details of the 14 people indicted for a string of crimes over a 24-year period

The football world has been rocked by Wednesday’s arrests and indictments relating to alleged corruption, racketeering and fraud within the corridors of power at the game’s leading organisations.

After six arrests were confirmed by Swiss authorities following a dawn raid on a Fifa hotel in Zurich, the US Department of Justice released a lengthy report detailing nine leading figures in the game indicted for various offences over a period of up to 24 years.

Who are these people, and what power do they wield? Below is a summary of the accused and their positions within the game.

JEFFREY WEBB: Current Fifa vice-president and Executive Committee member, Concacaf president, Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Executive Committee member and Cayman Islands Football Association (Cifa) president.

EDUARDO LI: Current Fifa Executive Committee member elect, Concacaf executive committee member and Costa Rican Football Federation president.

JULIO ROCHA: Current Fifa development officer. Former Central American Football Union president and Nicaraguan Football Federation president.

COSTAS TAKKAS: Current attache to the Concacaf president. Former Cifa general secretary.

JACK WARNER: Former Fifa vice-president and Executive Committee member, Concacaf president, CFU president and Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation special adviser.

EUGENIO FIGUEREDO: Current Fifa vice-president and Executive Committee member. Former Conmebol president and Uruguayan Football Federation president.

RAFAEL ESQUIVEL: Current Conmebol Executive Committee member and Venezuelan Football Federation president.

JOSE MARIA MARIN: Current member of the Fifa organising committee for the Olympic football tournaments. Former Brazilian FA president.

NICOLAS LEOZ: Former Fifa Executive Committee member and Conmebol president.
In total there are 14 defendants, with the other five coming from the worlds of sports marketing and broadcasting. The other men are:

ALEJANDRO BURZACO: Head of Argentine sports marketing firm Torneos y Competencias.

AARON DAVIDSON: President of Traffic Sports USA.

HUGO & MARIANO JINKIS: Controlling principals of Full Play Group, another Argentine Sports marketing company.

JOSE MARGULIES: Principal of Valente Corp and Somerton Ltd.


In addition, five people and organisations have already pleaded guilty as part of the ongoing investigation. They are:

DARYLL WARNER: Son of Jack and former Fifa Development Officer. Pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and structuring of financial transactions.

DARYAN WARNER: Pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy and structuring of financial transactions.

CHUCK BLAZER: Former Fifa Executive Committee member and Concacaf general secretary, who pleaded guilty to 10 charges. They included racketeering, wire fraud, money laundering, income tax evasion and failure to file reports related to foreign bank finances.

JOSE HAWILLA: Owner and founder of Brazilian sports marketing firm Traffic Group. Pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering, wire fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

TRAFFIC SPORTS USA & TRAFFIC SPORTS INTERNATIONAL: The marketing companies pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy.

Source: GOAL