We may have to quit the national team – Black Queens fire warning

The playing body of the female national team of Ghana, the Black Queens have threatened to quit playing for the national team when their bonus row with government is settled.

The Black Queens are demanding $11,000 each from the Sports Ministry for winning gold at the All Africa Games but the ministry has dismissed their request saying it has no funds to meet their demands.

The gold medalists had initially refused their proposed package of $ 2000 in Congo and upon arrival have refused to leave the M-Plaza Hotel.

The long stay in the Hotel is in protest of their unsettled All Africa Games qualification bonus and prize money.

Three of the playing body in an interview with Accra-based radio station journalist, Gary Al-Smith says they won’t play for the national because they are not motivated to continue with their service.

“Left to me alone to decide on that, not really, not really! … not really because I am really disappointed. Because if you work hard and they don’t give you what you deserve, nothing motivates you to do it again,” skipper Mercy Myles, Samira and Linda said when quizzed if they are motivated to keep playing for the national team again.

Linda anticipated the team will have the honour of meeting the president and subsequently get a presidential handshake for winning gold at the All Africa Games, but they’ve been left stranded.

“…for example, we won gold (at the All Africa Games) and we know that at least we will go and give a handshake to president (John Dramani) Mahama and here we are stranded.” She said.

Skipper Mercy Myles with a sarcastic tone cut in with “Maybe he is not around, that’s what we are thinking, but hopefully whenever he arrives even if I should by then be paid, I will make sure I come from Sunyani for the handshake.”

The team had a live telephone conversation with Sports Minister Dr. Mustapha Ahmed and pleaded with him to settle them to leave the hotel.

“Hello honourable good afternoon…

Sports Minister Dr. Ahmed “good afternoon, how are you?

Mercy Myles “I’m fine’

Minister “I know you are my captain, my favorite captain.”

Mercy Myles “you also know you are my only honourable.”

Minister “Okay.”

Mercy Myles “yes. Honourable to be very honest with you, with all due respect, (minister cuts in with “yeah” ) please come and settle us let us leave the hotel. We beg you.”

A very disappointed Linda point blankly told the Sports Minister in the course of the conversation that they won’t leave the hotel until what is due them is given to them.

“We are not leaving the hotel until you bring our money.”