VIDEO: Mayweather reveals his top 5 fighters of all time

While it may not surprise anyone that Floyd Mayweather considers himself to be the greatest boxer of all time, it will probably shock many to see just how low he ranked Muhammad Ali.

Mayweather recently appeared on ESPN Deportes’ Nacion ESPN and revealed his all-time rankings. Instead of starting from No. 5 and working his way up, he started at the top of the list.

As he has previously on ESPN, the 38-year-old boxer put himself at No. 1.

Money then worked his way down, creating more intrigue as he put boxer after boxer on the board before Ali. Eventually, he found a spot for the man who calls himself “the greatest.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as lists like this are subjective. There’s just no doubt that Mayweather’s list will get boxing fans talking.