Usain Bolt: I have fine-tuned my diet recently

Usain Bolt said he has fine-tuned his diet in recent years, with his sprinting career approaching its twilight.

The Jamaican superstar’s penchant for fast food is legendary, but it seems the 28-year-old has been forced to cut back on the junk as he approaches his final Olympic Games in 2016.

In an interview with IAAF Inside Athletics’ Ato Boldon, Bolt conceded his diet and leisure lifestyle were among the things he had worked on heading to Rio next year.

“I’ve cut back on a lot of things,” Bolt said, when asked about his nightlife antics.

“When I noticed I was getting older was last season [2014], when I got injured. And trying to get back – it was much harder than the years when I was younger. When I got injured, it was like that [clicks] and I was back in shape.

“I’ve started eating healthy, that’s the hardest thing for me right now.

“I think the sacrifice, trying to eat vegetables all the time, that’s the hardest part for me. Otherwise everything else is easy to give up, but eating healthy is really hard.”

Bolt also reminisced about how he came to be a 100/200m specialist, revealing he very nearly was forced into being a 400m runner by his coach Glen Mills in 2007.

Mills dared Bolt to beat Don Quarrie’s Jamaican record over 200m, and the upstart did just that – taking 0.11 seconds of the benchmark that stood for 36 years.

That allowed Bolt to continue in the shorter events, much to his own relief.

“I remember during the ’07 season, we were talking about the Don Quarrie record, and he [Mills] wanted me to run the 400m so much, and I was like, ‘Nah coach, I don’t want to do it’,” Bolt said.

“So we had two bets – one was Don Quarrie, and the other one was if I ran a fast 100m, I begged him, I was like, ‘Give me one 100m’. If I ran fast, I run the 100m. If I don’t, I run the 400m. And I went to Athens [in July 2007], and I ran 10.03.”