The senior national team, Black Stars bonuses slashed to $5000

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has resolved to pay a flat fee of $5000 as bonuses to the senior national team, the Black Stars.

Sources close to the Ministry revealed that the new pay structure which the ministry intends to implement from the next competitive fixture of the national team in November.

The Ministry is worried about the sustainability of the current pay of $10,000 to the team and is also determined to realign it’s resources to enable it pay attention to other disciplines which are struggling to raise funding for their activities.

The government is struggling to raise $4m for 16 sporting disciplines to participate in the 50th anniversary version of the All Africa Games,scheduled to be held in Congo, Brazzaville.

The Dzamefe Commission,set up to investigate the circumstances surrounding Ghana’s elimination from the World Cup and other issues in its report to the presidency, made similar recommendations which were turned down by the government in it’s White Paper.

The government’s position on the matter was that it did not want to create a situation where players felt figures were being imposed on them.

Dr.Mustapha Ahmed is however determined to push through the new arrangement which will also affect the members of management committees.

Each member of the management committee will receive $1000 as bonus instead of the current arrangement which has them earning the same amount of money as the players on the pitch.