The Fickles In Football

    Football they say is a fickle thing. Tommorow a manager is in ,the next day he is out. The other time a player signed a long term contract to commit his future to his club, then the next summer he is gone. A game full of heart break, greed for money and betrayal. Modern managers are constantly being changed like socks.

    Football has just lost its dynamics for the past few years. Consistency and continuity have lost their value in the game. It now looks to be the unfaithful haul with no one to trust. Can managers, players and bank rollers of these clubs be trusted? The answer would always be a big “NO”. The owner of Chelsea Football Club Mr Roman Abromovic has changed 14 managers within 14years. Real Madrid Football Club are also Architects of this same  appalling act. Zinedene Zidane is their 12th Manager in the last 13years .

    Fernando Torres in January 2011 betrayed his beloved Liverpool as his head was turned around by a 50million pound bid from Chelsea on transfer dealine day. This move was actually seen as a stab in the Dark to Liverpool fans. Wayne Rooney left Everton at a time he was the main man, for 2 reasons, one would be for better wages and two is to play at the highest level.

    Everyone in this game is selfish and self seeking. sacrifice is the last word to think of in this game, whiles time and  patience are diminished. Money, success and trophies are very essential in this game but that’s not always important. Money and fame can’t buy it all. There are a lot more to it more than just these.