Stephen Appiah throws challenge to Ghanaian footballers

Former Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah has thrown a challenge to all Ghanaian footballers across the world to do their best for their respective clubs so that they can get recognition and nomination for the African Footballer of the Year award.

The worried Appiah was not happy that for some time now, it has been very difficult for Ghanaian players both locally and abroad to make it beyond the initial list of players who are nominated for the award; an action he believes must change in the coming year.

“Honestly I don’t know what it is that those other players have over us, but I believe we can also do better. Whatever it is that we have to do to ensure that we win, we need to do it. I am throwing the challenge to all Ghanaian footballers across the globe to make sure that they ‘die’ for their respective teams.”

“They need to start making impacts during matches because that is what the organizers are looking for. The last time a Ghanaian won that award was in the early 90’s and it was Abedi Pele who won it. Since then the furthest we have come as a nation to win that award has been second and we need to fight hard to change that”, Appiah mentioned in an interview with