Spiritual guidance helped us win 1995 World Cup

Awudu Issaka, who was actively involved in the Black Starlets team that won the FIFA U-17 World Cup staged in Ecuador in 1995 has stated that a pastor by name Servant Isaac foretold them that they were going to rule the rest  of the World in that championship.

The recent accusation by a spiritualist called Mallam Issaka Salia that Rashid Sumaila contracted him to spiritually hit Jerry Akaminko with the career threatening injury that kept him out of the 2014 World Cup has raised much questions about the link between spiritual matters and Ghana’s national football teams, despite a denial from Sumaila that he had no hand in Akiminko’s injury and that Mallam Issaka is just defaming his character.

Awudu Issaka has added his voice to the various comments from former national team stars about their involvement with spiritualists and his story regarding how a pastor prophesized victory for the Black Starlets prior to the 1995 FIFA World and the team’s failure to thank him after the championship is sounds refreshing.

“In 1995 before we travelled to Ecuador for the FIFA U-17 world cup, we visited a man of God named, Servant Isaac at Akim-Oda who forecasted that we’ll win the tournament. He then cursed his Church to collapse should we return to Ghana without the FIFA U17 world cup trophy and this statement meant he (the man of God) knew what had seen.

“Upon arrival in Ghana with the trophy the playing body especially the players had deals outside and as a result, the praise that he was expecting from us was absent and from thence he cursed the team and I made to believe it is a contributing factor to the current decline of the national U-17,” he told Kumasi based Boss FM.

Ghana have not won any World title at the U17 level, since the 1995 triumph.

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