Six countries deemed ‘non-compliant’ by WADA

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has named Russia as one of six countries deemed to be in breach of its codes.

The All-Russia Athletic Federation (ARAF) was provisionally suspended by the IAAF last week following recommendations from an independent commission established by WADA.

The country has now been deemed “non-compliant”, with Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Israel and Ukraine also receiving the same branding.

Belgium, France, Greece, Mexico, Spain and 2016 Olympics host Brazil have all been placed on a “watch list” and handed strict conditions, which must be met by March 2016 to avoid sanctions.

At a WADA board meeting in Colorado Springs, Andorra and Israel were deemed not to have sufficient 2015 code rules in place, while Argentina, Bolivia and Ukraine were found to be using non-accredited laboratories.

Kenya had earlier been asked to provide answers about its own anti-doping programme, although it is not yet under scrutiny to the level of the aforementioned anti-doping organisations.

Testing will continue in the non-compliant nations, although this will be carried out independently at the cost of the country in question.

These anti-doping organisations will not be permitted to resume operations until they “reinstall quality programmes and are deemed compliant again”.