Samosa lose protest over abrupt end of match

A protest by K.F.C Samosa FC against Tarkwa United for causing the abrupt end of their Elite Cup 2nd Round first leg match was not successful.

The petitioner stated that immediately the whistle went for the end of the first half at the T&A park on December 17, supporters of the Respondent invaded the field of play and beat the players and the Chairman of the Petitioner.

The Petitioner claimed that the behaviour of the supporters of the Respondent did not allow the match to continue after the first half and thus demanded to be awarded three points and three goals for the match in accordance to Article 34(4)(b) of the GFA General Regulations.

However, the DC found out that the Petitioner failed to turn up for the second half without reference to the match officials causing the match to be ended after a 25 minutes wait for the start of the second half of the match.

The Disciplinary Committee therefore made the following decisions:

1. That for failing to protest to the Match Commissioner and to pay the required protest fees per the provisions on page 7 of the Special Rules for the Elite Clubs Cup and Article 37(5) of the GFA General Regulations, the protest of K.F.C. Samosa FC shall fall.

2. That for failing to provide security men for the match, Tarkwa United is hereby fined an amount of One Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GHc150.00) to be paid to the GFA within fourteen (14) days upon receipt of this Decision.

3. That for abandoning a match after the half time break, K.F.C. Samosa shall forfeit the match and shall be deemed to have lost the match 3-0. Accordingly, three points and three goals are hereby awarded to Tarkwa United.

4. That K.F.C. is further hereby ordered to refund the amount of GH¢500 paid to them by the GFA in respect of this match within fourteen (14) days upon receipt of this Decision.

5. That there shall be no order as to cost.

6. That any party which is dissatisfied with this Decision has within 24hrs of being notified of this Decision to appeal to the Appeals Committee (see page 7 of Special Rules).