Rwanda President Kagame blasts FA officials

The Rwanda President Paul Kagame has blamed the national team’s disqualification from the 2015 Afcon qualifiers to bad administration by the FA.

Kagame, an ardent football fan said in a press conference on Friday that the football officials made “stupid” mistakes that resulted in the senior national team being disqualified from the Afcon 2015 qualifiers after it had reached the final qualification round.

“There was a case where the football institution here used a Congolese (player) and they told lies about something. Our people got involved in some funny business – some individuals, either the managers of the team or whoever I don’t know,” the President.

Rwanda was disqualified on grounds that the country had fielded Daddy Birori, a Congolese born naturalized Rwandan, who was found to be playing under two different identities – one name registered under his Congolese club AS Vita and another under Amavubi.
Kagame wondered why Birori had to be drafted in the national team yet Amavubi had the capacity to win games without him. Birori missed the return leg against the Republic of Congo which Rwanda won after a tense penalty shootout, sending the country through to the group stages before it was disqualified and replaced with Congo.