Rotten Football Administration is Sinking Ghana Football

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    The black maidens of Ghana were last week knocked out of the 2016 FIFA under 17 World cup in Jordan after Loosing to korea DPR  in the quarter  finals of the competition. The highest level they have  gone in terms of this competition. Lack of support and motivation from the Sports Ministry and the FA has always been a contributing factor to a our failure to pass through to the Semis. For the past years there has literally been less concentration on  womens football in Ghana.

    Football in Ghana has always been the senior National team the Black stars, with less attention on the others. The Ghana football Association have always centred its priorities on the Black stars because we are aware that’s where our stomach thinking FA Leaders can have their daily   bread. The black maidens upon qualifying for the quarter finals of the world cup  in Jordan never received any motivation  from our sports ministry and the FA as a whole. This is just because they can’t rip their lion share from ladies   football so obviously why would they Care.?

    I can still remember the pot belly delegation who followed the black stars to Brazil creating the grounds for Ghanaians to feel that they were going to support the National team, when some of us knew they were just going to have a fan fair with their mistresses. how come  we didn’t have a delegation in Jordan for the ladies as well? Elvis Afriyie  Ankrah  and our current FA president Mr Nyantakyi  are some of the few people I distaste Soo much when I just think of Ghana football. I am a Ghanaian and I pay my dues so I expect the right thing to be done as well expect tax payers Money  to pass through the right channel.

    The people who have been mandated to run our sports ministry have now turned into stomach Leaders . few years ago I heard something about a five or ten year development plan for Ghana football drawn by the FA. but I still don’t know if those files still exist.

    Our football administrators have  Neglected our youth system because that needs hard work and they are just not ready to work. Our local league has gone Soo bad that we can’t just attract massive sponsorships. Our four stadia in the country since 2008 have lacked maintenance. The pitches at the various stadia is nothing to write home about. Our rotten sports Ministry and FA never explained to us what happened to the over  9.5million dollars we got from the world cup in brazil.

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