REVEALED: Police officers tell referees to favour home teams

Ahead of the kick off of the 2014/15 First Capital Plus Premier League, Fifa Referee, William Agbovi has disclosed that police officers who are usually brought to the various league centers to curb crowd violence usually attempt to coerce referees to favour the home team.

Responding to questions as to what he will expect from the security at the various league centers, Referee Agbovi said, “Nothing much my brother. What at all will you expect from a police officer who comes to you and tells you to compromise with the home team so that you will all go in peace? Let me say this for a fact that most of the police officers who come to the league centers to protect us turn to us and tell us to favour the home teams to ensure we all leave in peace. When this happens, the referees lose confidence in the security and that can affect the game”.

“For me, I have encountered that on countless number of occasions and I am sure my colleagues have similar experiences. So the security at the various centers must work harder to ensure improvement in the game”, Agbovi added.

Referee William Agbovi is currently the best Ghanaian referee voted by the Premier League Board for the 2013/14 league season.