Reus fined €540,000 for driving offences

Police found the 26-year-old had been driving without a valid licence since September 2011, despite him endorsing the club’s car sponsor and featuring in a petrol advert

Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus has been fined €540,000 after being caught driving without a valid license.

The 26-year-old was ordered to pull over by police as he left the club’s training ground earlier this week, where he was unable to produce the necessary documentation.

Further investigation revealed Reus had been guilty of driving illegally since September 2011 and had even been served five speeding tickets before police realised he had no license.

The Germany international admitted his actions were stupid and offered no excuse for his behaviour on Thursday.

He said: “Today I know I was too naive in this situation. That was stupid. I have drawn my conclusions and such a thing will never happen again.

The offence is all the more remarkable given that Reus has also starred in a petrol advert in Germany, as well as featuring in promotional campaigns for one of the club’s car sponsors.

He underwent several driving lessons as an 18-year-old but failed to complete the necessary practical exam. “I then unfortunately went down this route,” he added. “I cannot comprehend my actions.”

Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp added his thoughts on the incident, which comes at the worst possible time as BVB bid to fight their way out of the relegation places in the Bundesliga.

“I was surprised, too,” he said. “I talked to him and he is reasonable in a maximum way. With stories like this it is difficult to get a way out of it.

“The fine is exceptionally high. Now everything gets back to normal. He is a great guy who made a mistake.“