‘Referees told to shun bribes’

Class 1 referee and the Deputy Ashanti Regional Referees Instructor, Richard Appiah has called on his colleague to find out if clubs have paid their players whenever they are approached with bribes.

Appiah admitted that the refereeing profession is littered with bribery allegations but in as much as some referees will deny such things to protect their integrity and respect, he also calls on them to find out whether club officials have paid their players or not.

“Most clubs want to win matches but they do not pay their players well, and some do not pay at all. Referees should find out from club officials if they have paid their players well whenever they are approached with bribes”, Richard Appiah said in an exclusive interview with Sportscrusader.com.

“I have always said that if players are well paid and motivated, club officials wouldn’t have to pay their way through. So I encourage my colleagues to do same so that the principal actors on the field will play their hearts out”, he added.

He added that sometimes the money that club officials will doll out to match officials can pay their players for months which will encourage them to play their hearts out.