Referees to be rewarded for reporting bribery cases

The Vice Chairman of the Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) has stated that referees who report cases of bribery to the association will be rewarded with half of the money involved in the attempted bribery with the other half going into the coffers of the GFA as a way to deter people from influencing the outcomes of matches.

Referees in Ghana have always been under severe criticisms for their involvement in bribery in football, but Joe Debrah the vice chairman of RAG has stated that no referee would call a club administrator for money in order to influence results. He has therefore indicated that it is the club administrators who call referees, so referees should collect the money the clubs present as bribes to the GFA to serve as evidence.

“I don’t think referees are the ones promoting bribery in the game. No referee would call a club administrator for money; they would rather call the referees.

“So to help curtail the mess, referees have to collect the money the club officials present as bribes and tender in as evidence. In this case they will get half of the money with the other half going to the GFA, “ he told Happy FM.

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