Randy Abbey won’t contest GFA Elections – George Afriyie

Football Administrator Randy Abbey has been tipped by critics of the Nyantakyi led administration to usurp incumbent GFA President during the FA’s General Elections.

However, Executive Committee Member of the Ghana Football Association, George Afriyie has prophesized that the bankroller of Heart of Lions, Randy Abbey won’t contest for the Presidential race during the FA’s General Elections.

Randy is yet to publicly express his interest for the GFA Presidency but pressure groups in the country have openly declared their support for the astute Football Administrator.

Speaking exclusively to Sportscrusader.com, George Afriyie prophesized that Randy Abbey will not be contesting incumbent Kwesi Nyantakyi during the GFA Elections.

“I know Randy is not a coward, if he will contest he would have come out to express his interest, we have some months to go for the Elections and I can prophesized that Randy will not contest GFA president Kwesi Nyantakyi”.

“For now nobody has come out to say he will be contesting Nyantakyi and so we will see what will come out, but as usual people will show interest days to the elections but for Randy Abbey he won’t contest, trust me”.