Rafa Nadal refutes doping allegations

After the Fancy Bears pirate group released details of professional athletes supposed taking of banned performance enhancing drugs on Monday, tennis titan Rafael Nadal has come out fighting.

The accusations centre around the player receiving betamethasone (a strong steroid with anti-inflammatory properties) and corticotropin (a polypeptide hormone, also used as anti-inflammatory) in 2009 and 2012, to help treat his knee problems.

“When you ask permission to take something for therapeutic reasons and you get it, you’re not taking anything forbidden,” the Spaniard told reporters.

“It’s not news, I’ve never taken anything to improve my performance, ever.

“If I have taken medication, it was because doctors believed that these substances were best for my knee.

Nadal again confirmed his commitment to ensure the sport remains clean.

“We can’t fail the people who look at us, we must be positive examples.”

A suggestion of drug test results being made public was met positively by former world No.1.

“It would be much more beneficial for athletes, spectators and media that every time you do a drug test out the news is published two weeks after the results.

“The problem would disappear. and the sport would take a step forward and be totally transparent. I’ve spent years saying this.”

Credit: Marca

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