Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, 27 January 2015 – The CAF Executive Committee agreed to relocate Orange AFCON 2015 quarterfinal matches 26 and 27 respectively to Bata and Malabo.

Initially, quarterfinal match nb.26 was scheduled in Ebebiyin on January 31st at 2000 LT, this match will now be played in Bata stadium the same day but with a kick off time at 2030 LT. (instead of 2000 LT.).

Similarly, the quarterfinal match nb.27 that was scheduled in Mongomo on February 01st at 1700 LT, will be played in Malabo stadium the same day and at the same time. That means that the quarterfinal match nb.28 will now kick off at 2030 LT. (instead of 2000 LT.).

The newly installed pitches in Ebebiyin and Mongomo have been very satisfactory, allowing free flowing play during the group stages, and this despite having been installed only about one month ago. However, these two pitches has been adversely affected by combination of wear and tear from the six (6) games played or to be played in each of them and the unstable weather conditions seen lately.

Consequently, the CAF Executive Committee feels that the eight (8) teams qualified for the quarterfinal stages onwards should be given the opportunity to play on grounds that provide the highest standards, specifically those of Bata and Malabo, to ensure the quality of play remains at the highest possible level.

This decision has been arrived at after consultation with all parties concerned, inclusive of the Local Organizing Committees and the teams involved.

The CAF Executive Committee would like to wholeheartedly thank the Local Organizing Committee and the local authorities for the tremendous work achieved in Ebebiyin and Mongomo in such a short time, providing opportunities for the local populations to enjoy the tournament in a joyous, colorful and peaceful manner.

Please find attached the updated Match Calendar following today’s decision.