The Ministry of Youth and Sports has received a correspondence from the Ghana Embassy in Equatorial Guinea on their findings on accommodation, transportation and possible feeding costs for the Ghanaian officials and supporters who will be travelling to Equatorial Guinea for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) from 17th January to February, 2015.
Following the letter from our mission in Equatorial Guinea on their findings, the Ministry wishes to inform prospective Football officials and fans as follows:
that according to the group arrangements, Ghana would be based at Mongomo which is located on the mainland and shares border with Gabon.
that there are three major hotels in Mongomo i.e. Hotel Mongomo, Hotel Akoakam and Hotel Ovono Nfa. Information gathered indicates that the Football teams may be hosted in these three hotels.
That our mission was able to make other arrangements for six houses of a total of fifty two (52) bedrooms with prices ranging from 50,000 (CFA) (US$100) to 80, 000 CFA (US$160) per room. The apartments are located on the same compound and it’s walled and gated. There is also Hotel Fabiola Mongomo with 76 rooms ranging from 40,000 CFA (US $80) to 100, 000 CFA (US $ 200) per room daily and Hotel plaza Mongomo with Twenty (20) bedrooms ranging from 30,000 CFA (US$ 60) to 45,000 CFA (US$ 90) per room.
that the prices of rental cars range from 10,000 CFA (US$200) to 200,000 CFA (US$600) daily.
Standard feeding per head daily would range from 15,000 CFA (US$30) to 30,000 CFA (US$60)
that it is also possible that the Ghana Team would relocate to Malabo at a later stage.
On flight arrangements in Malabo, there are two main Airlines from Accra to Malabo i.e. Punto Azul Airlines and Ceiba airlines. On internal flight arrangements, there are three airlines i.e. Punto Azul Airlines, Ceiba Airlines and Cronos Airlines which fly from Malabo to Bata for approximately 55,000 CFA (US$110) one way and 110,000 CFA (US$220) return ticket. Ceiba Airlines also flies directly from Malabo to Mongomoyen Airport for approximately 65,000 CFA (US$130) one way.
Traveling by road from Mongomoyen Airport to Mongomo city is approximately 20 minutes. Travelling by road from Bata to Mongomo city is two hours approximately.

The Ministry wishes to advice all prospective Football Officials and supporters to make arrangements before the scheduled date considering that there are few hotels and private residences on rent in Mongomo with a high demand due to the influx of people during the football period.
As it is the practice, the quoted prices may shoot up as a result of such high demand, therefore it is advisable for one to consider making arrangements ahead of time to avoid any inconveniences.