Premiership Fixtures In December Is Crazy

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    December is and has always been a heartache month for the premiership teams as the connoisseurs of the game have always presumed. It is a fact that fatigue can never be omitted in football as a result of a congested fixture during December in the premiership.

    It can be recalled that managers in the premiership like Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and others have already bemoaned this piled fixtures which to them is over stretching the depth of their squad. For a minute we can say it is the factual truth.

    Playing every 3 days in December would sound very crazy to the team, managers and even the football fans as well, whereas players in the Italian Serie A, the Spanish la Liga and the German Bundesliga would comfortably be laying their heads on their pillows singing merry Christmas with their families and friends.

    This might not be fair on the premiership players considering their mental and physical health, I hope the English premiership board isn’t concentrating too much on how to gain the 100% TV RIGHTS during this festive season as well as fixtures being used as a Boxing Day gift. This could prove very selfish on the part of the premier league board.

    Constant rapid of injuries in the various teams is a price for such a congested and hectic piled fixtures. These injuries are so costly to these teams to the extent that most lose their rhythms within this festive period and that has always been a must, it’s a question many ignorant football fans ask day by day yet we are not able to spill the egg to them.

    The premier league board has for the past years turned a deaf ear to the agitations of this congested fixtures from the various managers of the premier league clubs… but that could be catastrophic in future if not taken a careful look at.