Premiership excites but La Liga Tops it all

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    It is described as the most exciting league in Europe or probably the world. The English premiership looks soo attractive and might be excellent when it comes to marketing is widely viewed across the globe. a lot of people have it to be the best league at the moment which I personally don’t agree. yes it has been competitive somehow as a result of its unpredictability. But is that enough?

    The new sponsorship deal  has made the premiership very rich and well branded. but when it comes to the technical part of the game that is where it is always found wanting and that is Soo evident in the UEFA champions league for the past few years now. There are lots of tactical failures dragging the premiership teams down   ,Making them perform poorly in Europe. Some Coaches have attributed these horror performances in Europe to the physical demands in the Barclays premiership, and as well the lack of winter the Sametime some Mogul,s of the game have said that  the competitive nature of this league could also play a part. but that argument can be turned around because if the premiership is that competitive why then do they fail in Europe. because presumably then the standards of the teams should be higher.

    It is very obvious now that the premiership doesn’t have much quality as it is evident when they meet the likes of Barcelona and real Madrid. These two Spanish clubs have soo much and that makes the clubs from England looks like rats. The   performances of these Spanish teams tells that spain tops shows us that there is more quality and class in Spanish la liga. even   Athletico Madrid now surpasses every English club at the moment. just because they have soo  much quality.  It was evident when Barcelona demolished Man City the premiership favourite by four goals to nothing. Thats how worse things have gone with the English teams. There is too much money for   classless players in England. The greatest players who come here are just passing through and end up in the la liga.this is why the saying that goes that empty barrels makes the most noise is a reality.

    I still haven’t forgotten how Athletico Madrid thrashed the inform Chelsea then just 2 years ago at the bridge by three goals to one   when Chelsea were flying high in England. Not even the Europa league can give England a consolation in Europe .After sevilla beat Liverpool this year at the Europa league,s finals,

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