Poor Mario! Balotelli to be held to strict ‘good behaviour’ clause at AC Milan

It’s reported Mario Balotelli agreed to a long list of rules before signing his Milan contract.

The striker is known for his often wayward behaviour, with stories of his activities cropping up in the English and Italian media on a regular basis.

This morning’s Corriere della Sera reports that Balotelli agreed an extensive code of conduct – on top of the usual club rules – before signing his contract.

The Rossoneri have forbidden the 25-year-old from revealing anything about the club on social media, as well as telling him to curb his extravagant hairstyles and clothing.

In addition, Balotelli will be carefully monitored as he is forbidden from smoking and may only drink a small amount of alcohol, with Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic accepting responsibility for keeping the Italian international under control.

The Serbian is putting his reputation on the line, as he hopes to get the best from the former Manchester City striker.

The newspaper believes the code was based on strict rules such as in the air force, and will be enforced by a series of fines.