PLB Boss hails Alhaji Grunsah

Chairman of the Premier League Board (PLB), Mr. Welbeck Abrah Appiah has hailed founder and bank-roller of King Faisal Babies Football Club, Alhaji Abdul Karim Grusah for not pursuing the legal battle with the FA after the law court ordered the FA to go to Congress and referred King Faisal to the FA to seek proper redress.

Alhaji Grusah and his club took the Ghana Football Association to court and placed an injunction on the Ordinary Congress of the FA which was expected to take place on the September 12 last year.

This stopped the FA from proceeding with the planned 2014/15 league season which would have kicked off on September 21 last year.

After months of legal battle between the to parties, the court finally ordered the FA to go to Congress and commence the league which will kick off on Sunday, January 18, 2015 and as a result, the Chairman of the PLB, Mr. Abrah Appiah has thanked the founder of the Kumasi-based club for not prolonging the case.

“In an exclusive interview with after the Launch of the Premier League, Mr. Abrah Appiah said, “Let me also use this opportunity to thank Alhaji Grusah for deciding to accept the court’s decision and not prolonging it as hinted”.

“This is not to say we are happy because Alhaji Grusah was right. Rather, we are happy because he has decided to allow the league to move on. That was Grusah’s right and he was entitled to go to every length to seek justice. So it is good he has finally accepted the verdict.