Platini re-elected as UEFA president

The president has been elected for a third term at the head of European football and says he will try to affect change at Fifa during the next four years

Michel Platini has reiterated his desire to see a more respectable Fifa after being elected for a third term as Uefa president.

The Frenchman, who first took the helm in 2007, has been given a mandate until 2019 by the European governing body.

After thanking his peers for their trust and support, he insisted he will do what he can to help Fifa regain credibility amidst a string of corruption allegations in the world game’s corridors of power.

“I know that I can count on you. And you know that you can count on me,” Platini told the annual Uefa congress. “It is the closeness of that bond between us that makes us strong and allows us to take these bold and courageous decisions – decisions which always pay off.

“This mutual trust, this participatory democracy, is our hallmark, our trademark, and we will continue to work this way over the next four years. You have my word on that.

“As you know, my re-election also means that I continue as Fifa vice-president for another four years. We Europeans want a strong Fifa – a Fifa that is respectable and respected – since Fifa is and always will be football’s supreme authority, the sport’s ultimate governing body.”

The 59-year-old had been tipped to challenge Sepp Blatter for the presidency of the world governing body but decided instead to run for the Uefa job once more.

And he spoke of his pride at being head of the European game after accepting the role for four more years on Tuesday.

“I am proud to be your team-mate, proud to be the captain of this winning team and proud of our achievements,” he continued. “And I am excited to be taking on the challenges that await us over the next four years.

“I hope to make the right decisions at the right time, both for you and for football, during my third term.

“And I hope to do so while continuing to enjoy myself as much as I have for the past eight years. Because leading this remarkable institution is not just an honour, it is also a genuine pleasure day to day. And for that I can but thank you, once again.”