“Pay To Watch Matches”- Togbe Tells Hearts Fans

Board Chairman Togbe Afede XIV has called on all Hearts fans to stand up and be counted as the new season is about to commence.

Togbe Afede XIV said it’s about time the supporters put their monies where their mouths are.

“One of the things we are coming out with is a program were supporters can contribute their quota to the developments of the Club. This Board believes that we can do more as supporters of the Club if indeed we give a little to augment the efforts of the Management as well as the Board.”

He said it was about time every member of the club irrespective of their rank, pays to watch the team’s matches especially during home games adding that at the moment the Club derives most of its revenue from the gate proceeds, an action he added has not been too encouraging.

“We as Directors will also accept to pay and watch Hearts of Oak matches at the Accra sports stadium and we want the supports to do same.”

“It’s about time we put our monies where our mouths are and by paying to watch the team play, we are not only contributing to the Club, but supporting it with all our might”.

“I recently visited the Emirates stadium (home of Arsenal fc) in London, and I was amazed at the price of their VVIP tickets which costs £1900 for the entire season. And the surprising thing was that there was a long list of people who wanted it, provided someone decides to sell his.”

“I believe that these are things we should start looking at especially since we have so much projects lined up like the Pobiman training grounds which we want to raise to an appreciable level.”

He advised the fans to continue in their support of the Board and the Management as well.