Oscar De La Hoya trolls Floyd Mayweather as he fights Andre Berto

As Floyd Mayweather was in the ring with Andre Berto on Saturday, Oscar De La Hoya took the time to get a little trolling in.

Saturday night Floyd Mayweather stepped into the ring with Andre Berto for what may possibly be the last fight of his career. Of course, as we’ve known since Berto was picked to be the opponent, not many people were even looking forward to this fight, and you can count Oscar De La Hoya in that group.

On Saturday night, literally as Mayweather was in the ring trying to get himself another win, De La Hoya took the time to take on Twitter and do a little trolling of his former opponent.

Well, in actuality, Oscar is only saying stuff that people have been saying for quite some time now. Floyd, especially as of late, has not exactly been picking the best opponents to get in the ring with. As a matter of fact the man that her’s in the ring tonight in Berto has lost three of his last six fights. Not exactly someone worthy of getting in the ring with an undefeated fighter. Still, some pretty funny trolling from the man that is one of the wins on Mayweather’s record, with his loss coming back in 2007 in what was actually one of Floyd’s more exciting fights.