Nyantakyi: GFA is not afraid of investigation

Kwesi Nyantakyi has indicated that the Ghana Football Association is ready for investigation, but there should be basis for that.

There have been several calls from the public and other football enthusiasts that the Ghana government should raid the GFA office to probe their activities, following the arrest of some senior member of FIFA last week for involving themselves in corrupt acts, coupled with the resignation of FIFA President Sepp Blatter this week.

However, Kwesi Nyantakyi has stated that his office has nothing to hide and they will not resist any investigation if the need arises.

“No one at the GFA is afraid of an investigation, but there should be factual and legal basis.

“You can’t in your own mind think things are not right so there should be an investigation, so on what basis should there be an investigation,” he Metro TV.

The GFA was raided in 2010 by EOCO for alleged corrupt practices, but the Ghana FA survived it and sued EOCO at the law court and were paid compensation.