New offside rule introduced for new Premier League season

OK, listen up, there’s a new rule being introduced for the new Premier League and Football League season. A change to the offside rule will be introduced to the game this season after a number of controversial incidents last term.

The rule previously stated that players could stand in an offside position so long as they weren’t deemed to be actively involved in play. However, from now on, a player can be deemed to be offside if they clearly attempt to play a ball which is close to them when this action impacts on an opponent.

Need an example?

Cast your minds back to Manchester United’s game against Stoke City in the Premier League last season. Juan Mata stepped up to take a free-kick, which curled straight into the goal. However, before it was taken, teammate Marcos Rojo was stood in an offside position and went to head the ball when it was whipped in, but failed.

From now on, the goal mentioned would be disallowed.