New Ballon d’Or setup to name winner before end of year

As part of the Ballon d’Or’s revamp the winner will be awarded the trophy in the same calendar year as it’s voted for.

FIFA’s agreement with France Football, the magazine that created the award, has come to an end leading to the French publication to largely change the rules back to how it was before the 2010 overhaul.

A 23-strong candidate list will also be bulked up to 30, with journalists from across the globe alone in naming the winner for a ceremony to be held at the end of the year, as opposed to the January event previously scheduled.

“We can infer that the award will be more impartial as journalists do not have to take into account their friends or the atmosphere of their dressing room,” wrote France Football on the matter.

Since 1956 the Ballon d’Or has been handed out and with FIFA’s five-year partnership coming to an end, the world footballing association will return to holding their own prize for the world’s best player.

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