National duties prevent Black Queens players from having Certificates – Mercy Myles

Education is a priority or to a large extent a must for every citizen of the Ghanaian populace. With good education to the highest level with certificates as a testimony, one is assured of secured future.

But for most Black Queens players, their energy, time and resources pumped into their education became a naught because they do not have certificates to show they’ve ever sat in a classroom.

This, according to skipper of the female national team of Ghana Mercy Myles, is due to sacrifices the girls have made to serve their nation. She calls it “an opportunity to serve and not to be served” but it must come with a commission to help them upgrade their lives to fit well into the society and also provide for  their families.

The Black Queens are currently agitating for outstanding bonuses they were promised before the All Africa Games – where the team made history by winning the gold medal for the first time.

According to media reports, the girls were given $2000.00 each for their stupendous performance but they turned it down and demanded for $11,000.00.

“We are always overlooked after taking part in every competition. Things have been like this for some time now and we can’t continue like this,” angry Mercy Myles told Joy FM.

She adds that it is disheartening that their sacrifices go unnoticed, but they are not agitating to satisfy their needs only, but for junior women’s team not to go through these same problems: “it is very hurting and we have to voice out not only for ourselves but our sisters who are also coming.

“Gradually we are leaving the system and we need to upgrade our lives and help our families.  Most of us are bread winners in our families and have so many things to attend to as well. We have made a lot of sacrifices and they always make mention of the sacrifices but don’t bother after convincing us to serve country … we’ve done a lot of sacrifices and deserve recognition…most of the girls don’t have certificates from their schools.

“Because they will call you for camping and you stay for months before coming back; and when you come back a whole lot has been learnt; where will you start from? even when you were there you had difficulties understanding what was taught neither talk of being absent for a long time, where do we fit in the society, what do we do after we are done with our footballing career?” She quizzed.

Mercy Myles however, cleared the air that the girls refusal to leave the M Plaza as a way of demonstrating against authorities has nothing to with the team wining gold in Brazzaville, but to receive their outstanding bonuses which has been pending for only God knows how long.

“We have outstanding balances they were supposed to have settled us but they’ve not; our chairperson had always been on them to pay us but up till date we’ve not been paid.

“Our demonstration right now is for our outstanding balance which has been pending for only God knows how long now. Our agitation has nothing to do with winning the gold at the All Africa Games.”she clarified.