Nadal considering legal action against Bachelot

Rafael Nadal is considering??legal action against Roselyne Bachelot after the??former French??secretary of sport claimed the 14-time grand slam champion had failed a doping test.

This week, in the wake of Maria Sharapova’s positive test for meldonium,??Bachelot told French TV show Le Grand 8??a lengthy??lay-off for the Spaniard in 2012 was “without any doubt because he tested positive” and not due to injury.

The accusations have prompted a furious response from Nadal’s uncle and coach Toni, who highlighted the fact his nephew??has never been found guilty of any wrongdoing.

“I’m surprised anyway when people in the street say it, but for a former official to say it seems incredible to me,” Toni Nadal told RAC1.

“I don’t know what motives this lady has in saying this, but it’s obvious that she does not know tennis or the sport??world.

“Rafa’s lawyer is working to take all possible measures and with maximum force. In this world, instead of proving the guilt of a person, you have to prove your innocence.

“This woman is a fool. Rafa goes through many [doping]??controls every year even though he has done nothing and will do nothing wrong. He believes in a clean sport.

“Having made the case of Sharapova public, why don’t they do the same with him if they are so sure? It’s strange.”

In a news conference at Indian Wells this week, Rafael Nadal told reporters: “I have been open all my career.??I have no temptation of doing a negative thing. I am a fair player??and I love the sport as a player, as a competitor and as a follower.”

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