Too Much About Messi And Cristiano

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    It is clear that the football world has been so autocratic. I believe many will argue with me why I say so, but that’s the Gospel Truth we can never hide from. You can never not see or hear about Messi and Ronaldo when your eyes blinks on a media piece whether be it a newspaper, a blog, TV  or radio station. But one question I ask myself is why should it always be these two players?

    The Ballon d’OR is almost a week from now and I believe this two names are the headlines on every media piece. But could it be that soccer journalists have lost their ethics on fairness??or we can’t just be creative enough to talk and write more about   uprising stars who could be better than these untouchable players we think?…what about  Arjen Robben?? What about Raheem sterling?? What of Eden Hazard and James Rodriguez as well as the sensational Neymar.

    Football can never be the best as we all want it to be if we keep on writing and yapping on only two players in the world. It’s sad on how some of our media men and women practise mushroom journalism… it’s just horrible. Soccer journalist better back up and stop being stagnant on Messi and Ronaldo. Because there a thousand of players who are better than these names.

    Of course I don’t blame our media only, but our untrusted football governing bodies. UEFA, FIFA AND SO FORTH. Now Ballon d’Or is organised like a political campaign but rather not the true reflection on the ground. It’s about how well u can campaign and the trophy will be yours, very bad.

    No wonder why coaches like Jose Mourinho has vowed never to attend that function. I Believe he was right on saying that because obviously it is always going to be these two chosen ones for some time to come no Doubt.. It is a 100% bet. But in 2015 I will give everyone the benefit of doubt. I mean our media and the football governing bodies.