Mourinho dismisses Drogba comments: He’s just trying to sell books

Jose Mourinho has dismissed comments from Didier Drogba suggesting Chelsea lack leadership, accusing his former striker of making controversial statements in order to sell books.

Drogba, who is promoting his autobiography, said in an interview that the Chelsea dressing room was full of “big names, big players and big characters” during his time at the club.

The Ivorian pointed out that only John Terry remained at Stamford Bridge from that group and called for other players to develop a similar mentality.

“When you speak because you want to sell books, I don’t read,” Mourinho told reporters on Friday. “I don’t read.

“I like good interviews. I like interviews from big guys like Didier with good journalists, newspapers or television. But this is not an interview. It was to sell books.

“It doesn’t disappoint me. It was just the reality. It was just to sell books. I can analyse Didier’s interview with pleasure, but not Didier selling books.”