Michel Platini appealing to CAS to get his ban overturned

Former UEFA president Michel Platini has officially appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to get his ban from football overturned.

Platini has been banned for breaches in relation to a £1.3 million “disloyal payment” made to him, monies he claims were due for technical advice given to Sepp Blatter back in 1998.

He lost his appeal through FIFA’s own process last week, calling it “insulting and shameful” and a “political decision” that his ban for ethics violations was upheld.

Frenchman Platini’s suspension, along with that of former FIFA President Blatter, was reduced from eight to six years by FIFA’s appeals committee, based on the mitigating factor of the men’s services to the game.

“The charges against me are baseless, built from the ground up and surreal in view of the facts and the explanations I gave during the hearing,” Platini said.

“I will go through all the possible appeals, starting with CAS. I will go to the end of my fight to show that I’m innocent….

“I am the victim of a system which has only had one goal – to stop me standing for the president of FIFA.”

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