Michael Osei – Player injuries disturbing

The champions have been hit with a series of injuries with the likes of Ahmed Toure, Obed Owusu and Kojo Poku all having to be treated.

Coach David Duncan was hoping for an injury-free camp during the break in the Ghanaian top flight to put his side in the best of shapes for the second round challenge.

His efforts has however been thwarted with injuries to some of his key players.

Assistant coach Michael Osei admits the situation has been a real worry to his side.

“Our main problem during this period has been injuries,” he admitted.

“Some have recovered from the injury and are now coming back.

“Players like Ahmed Toure, Kojo Poku, Obed Owusu are all returning from injury.

“Jordan [Opoku] is also returning from a bout of malaria.”