Mexican Soccer Players Die After Bus Falls off Ravine into Gorge Near Cordoba

At least 20 people have been reported dead after a bus carrying a Mexican soccer team crashed off a bridge on the Atoyac-Paso del Macho highway in Atoyac, Mexico.

According to the Daily Mail‘s Jennifer Newton, the bus was transporting a team from Camaron de Tejeda to Cordoba for a match when it plunged off the Atoyac River bridge and into a deep gorge.

Yolanda Gutierrez, head of the civil defense office in the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz, said the crash killed 20 of the 45 passengers on board, per USA Today‘s Greg Toppo.

Per Newton, the Veracruz state government believe the bus was speeding before the driver lost control going over a speed bump and then fell more than 100 feet from the highway.

The report added there is no information about the condition of the survivors, and it also relayed Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto’s tweeted condolences: “I regret the tragic accident at the bridge of Atoyac, Veracruz, in which several people were killed. My condolences to your loved ones and wishes of speedy recovery to the injured.”

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