Messi Is Still the Football ‘God’

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    He is undoubtedly the greatest after Pele, while some pundits describe him as the god of football. The 4 time Ballon d’Or winner yesterday failed to clinch the prestigious individual award in football for the 5th time in history. But nevertheless that doesn’t unmake him as the magician of modern football.

    No need to list his Achievements as the football world have witnessed his success in the past wasn’t surprising Cristiano won it because as I have said earlier he was amazing last year. But words like amazing and tremendous isn’t permanent it fades quickly and that’s what Ronaldo is. Messi is a hard rock and very stifle, he is just too complete and just what every footballer should be.

    His worse times could be described as marvellous and amazing that’s the class he belongs to .i believe he will prove this year and very sure helping his team beat Atletico last Saturday with a fine performance from Argentine could be the turning point to rediscover that charming form he has in his feet. It’s obvious he is the Barcelona team .when he is on top the team is as well. He has a lot in him to bring out which would be fantastic

    He is just 27 and can do a lot before he retires . I wouldn’t say he was out of form but he was shuttered by a lot of off the field issues which affected his performance on the field but things are gradually settling down for him and the pressure is off him now and could be a good omen for the young to show the world that he really rules football and no one else can.