Memphis’ Ghanaian father calls Man United star a liar

The Sun on Sunday have stitched up Manchester United star Memphis Depay by speaking to the footballer’s father for his understanding of why he has no relationship with his son.

The summer signing from PSV has his name “Memphis” displayed on the back of his football shirt, as the Dutch international refuses to have “Depay” due to his family politi

Memphis Depay is known to be estranged from his father, however the Sun on Sunday have now made it their business to speak to the dad of the United star for his version of events.

According to Dennis Depay, Memphis has spread lies about his childhood. His crucial quotes are as follows:

Saying that I didn’t see him after he was four is a lie. It is unbelievable, it is not nice. He is my son and I love him. I am the man who gave him his first ball.

He was not abandoned by me. That is not true. I was always there for him.

I saw him on YouTube talking about his dad, saying he didn’t want to put my name on his back. It made me feel terrible. I would love to be back in touch with him. I miss him so much.

The divorce happened but I was always going to see him. I was giving money too.

There was no problem with access. I could see Memphis whenever I wanted. He stayed with me lots of times and I’d buy him clothes — and footballs. I was always visiting him and they know it.

 After claiming that his son has spread lies about their relationship, Dennis Depay then revealed his son was abused by a boyfriend of his mother’s, whilst also revealing that the Man United forward was shunned by his peers growing up. He said:

With the new guy Cora had a hard time and so did Memphis. He and the other children hit Memphis sometimes so I would go and help him.

The other children were jealous of him and that was made worse because he was a good footballer. The new man hit him sometimes for the slightest thing.

The other kids didn’t like him because of his talent. They began to hate him so the family turned against him.