Memories of Senegal 92 cannot be forgotten – Coach Adusei

Assistant coach of the Black Stars during the 1992 AFCON in Senegal, Coach E.K. Adusei has revisited history by saying that regardless of what happened at this year’s AFCON tournament in Equatorial Guinea, the memories of Senegal 1992 cannot be forgotten.

Coach Adusei was the assistant coach to Otto Pfister during the 1992 AFCON in Senegal which the Black Stars lost to Cote D’Iviore through marathon penalty shootouts which ended 10 – 11 in favour of the Elephants of Cote D’Iviore in the final.

According to Coach Adusei, the memories of Senegal 92 haunted the Black Stars and gave the Ivorians the upper hand over the Black Stars during the penalty shootouts in the just ended AFCON.

In an exclusive interview with, Coach Adusei said, “The memories of Senegal can never be forgotten or overshadowed by what happened in Equatorial Guinea.

Yes it is a memorable event but it cannot outnumber that of the 1992 tournament. We must not forget that the team even lost the penalties due to the 92 event. The Ivorians had a psychological advantage over our team with which they won”.

“We were really affected by what happened in Senegal and that had a telling effect on this current team. So if anybody says the 1992 tournament has been overshadowed by what happened in Equatorial Guinea, I will disagree with that person. That tournament is still fresh in my mind”, Coach Adusei added.