Mayweather pays chef $1000 per meal

Trainer Freddie Roach has warned Floyd Mayweather Jr’s personal chef that she will need to practice preparing soft foods ahead of his clash with Manny Pacquiao on May 2.

Mayweather is reported to have secured the services of the Las Vegas-based Chef Q to take care of all of his meals in the build-up to the bout, with each plate said to cost $1,000.

“Whatever it is, it sure sounds expensive,” Roach is quoted as saying by Boxing Scene. “I’ve read that Chef Q will be preparing meals high in protein, which is perfect because Floyd is going to be eating a lot of ‘Leather a la Manny’, and it will be served piping hot.

“Thousand-dollar meals? Give me a break. Floyd is getting his just desserts on May 2.”

And Roach believes Chef Q’s services could be required after the fight at the MGM Grand.

“I hope she knows how to make crow and soft foods palatable, because after he faces Manny, that is all Mayweather will be eating,” added Roach.