Mayweather Accused of Phone Harassment

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been accused by potential opponent Andre Berto of harassing him on the telephone, as bad blood continues to build between the two fighters.

The 31-year-old Berto has been named by Mayweather as a potential rival in his next fight, expected to take place in September, with Money looking to take his professional record to 49-0.

Berto has now stirred the pot, accusing Mayweather of being the culprit in a string of “lame” harassing phone calls he has received of late, per TMZ Sports (h/t Boxing Scene):

mayweather tweet

According to the report, Berto believes Mayweather is upset with him as he is friends with Floyd’s ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson and her new boyfriend Nelly.

Whatever the situation, it seems there is some history between the pair, which may make for some fireworks if they were to meet in the ring, as the pound-for-pound king recently suggested, per Sky Sports.

However, while Berto (30-3) is an exciting fighter, and has had 23 knockouts in his professional career, he does not seem to be a worthy opponent for Mayweather, as alluded to by’s Dan Rafael:


Credit: Bleachreporter