M. Konadu Is Better Than Kwasi Appiah

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    The current and interim Blackstars coach  Maxwell Konadu who was appointed after the former manager Kwasi  Appiah  was Axed  has so far delivered what  matters to the Ghanaian soccer fans which is qualifying the team to the  2015 Afcon .

    The former Asante kotoko coach has played four matches, won 2 drew 1 and lost 1. Not a Bad record from the former Assistant Manager. Many have raised concerns as to how good he can be tactically, but the fact of the matter is that technically he is better than the former manager, Kwasi Appiah. It’s always been said that the truth hurts but its better told.

    Ghana recorded one of their worst world cup campaigns under him, two defeats one draw, as compared to the first two World cups we participated. In 2006 The Blackstars went through the group stage and qualified to the round 16 where unluckily we were kicked out by the former champions Brazil and in 2010 the team went all the way to the quarters where we slipped off to Uruguay in penalties. All these records sets straight the level the team have achieved for itself in the world cup since 2006.

    It was obvious all Ghanaians were expecting a semi-final berth this time, but with Kwasi Appiah the impossibilities will always be possible. This fairly tells us how bankrupt he was technically. But to be fair let’s admit Kwasi Appiah had never been a head coach, he has always been the assistant, which many thought was enough to get the Blackstars job. But that’s where Maxwell Konadu will always beat him to it. Maxwell  had managed the all-stars premiership team in Ghana from 2009 to 20011 before moving to Asante kotoko in the 2011 2012 season ,at the same time an assistant coach to the under 23 Olympic team in that same year.

    Then after he managed the under-20 national football team in 2010 and in 2013 went back to manage under-23 Olympic team before he moved to assist Kwasi Appiah in 2014. All these records clearly tells us that Maxwell is and was far more experienced for the task than Kwasi Appiah who could only write of his assisting the foreign coaches who came over. Such a poor record and very bad CV to use in applying for a national job.

    So it is of no surprise that Kwasi failed and Maxwell would have always been better technically than him because the records sets its straight.in terms of experience, tactics and leadership he is nowhere closer to Maxwell konadu.in leadership it was very obvious to all Ghanaians that Kwasi had no leadership skills. He was so feeble when player discipline came across.it can be recalled that he cried onetime, a lapse of a manager and a leader. But Maxwell has a strong feet. He has ego and driving force to push the Blackstars team forward.