Maradona in tax bill dispute with Italian government

In a recent interview, Diego Maradona has reaffirmed his intention not to pay his alleged tax debt of 40 million euros to the Italian state, saying that he doesn’t believe he owes ‘anything to anyone’.

Despite being an immensely popular figure in the footballing world after his glorious career as a player, back in 2013 the Italian government chose to freeze his assets and ordered him to pay recuperations relating to his time at Napoli from 1984/1991.

Although the threat of further sanctions has been hanging over him for over three years, Maradona has refused to pay the sum demanded, and continues to insist that he has been unfairly treated.

“I do not owe them anything,” he told Corriere della Sera. “They have taken 25 years to unjustly ask for more than 40m euros, with 35 million’s worth of penalties for alleged tax violation that has been considered non-existent by all the judges.”

“[The punishment], even if unjust, was already paid by Napoli in 2003 with my forgiveness, as demonstrated by my lawyer, Angelo Pisani.

“I do not want anyone to be in my situation. I do not owe anyone anything. Many people will have to repent for what they have done me because, despite being innocent, they have treated like the worst criminal.”

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