Manny Pacquiao calls Mayweather ‘lost soul’

Manny Pacquiao wasn’t amused by Floyd Mayweather’s recent instagram that showed the undefeated champion slapping a dummy around and mocking Pacquiao for using his injured shoulder as an excuse for losing their so-called “Fight of the Century” on May 2.

I love having fun, joking and living life #SenseOfHumor

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Mayweather was clearly having fun — Floyd-style, of course – when he made this Instagram: “So, Manny, you out telling people that I didn’t win fair and square, that this little arm is messed up. Is that right? Huh? Talk to me! Stop lying!” He then slapped the dummy a couple times and added the caption: “I love having fun, joking and living life.”

Pacquiao, who made a reported $140 million for the fight, didn’t take it well, and went for the jugular by hammering Mayweather’s past legal problems and even his upbringing to the Filipino boxing web site

“A real champion is gracious both in his words and conduct,” Pacquiao said. “Someone who is a champion not just in his chosen field of endeavor but even in his own home and private life.

“We should understand Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of his family background,” Pacquiao continued. “He hailed from a family of ex-convicts and he himself is an ex-convict. We could not blame him because his action just showed the kind of family upbringing he had.”

“I still respect him as God’s creation and I won’t resort to such kind of a low blow just to get his attention. It only reminds me of what he did to his ex-wife. I hope he would find time to reflect on his life and repent for the sins he committed in the past.

“He’s just like a lost soul still groping in the dark. I pray that may God touch his heart so he will discern the real meaning of love and life.”

This is no way for Pacman to get a rematch. Or is it? Maybe this is exactly how one promotes “Good vs. Evil, Part II.”